Friday (chapter 1)

Friday posterFriday (chapter 1)

Author Noranitas (@hyukbyair) Main cast WINNER’s Song Mino, IU (Lee Ji Eun) Genre Romance, slight! Angst, Friendship Rating PG-15, G Length Chaptered

Disclaimer Im not really sure about the background of the story bc I don’t check it tho. Original plot+poster by me. Characters not included. Review after you read it. This fic purely presented to MinoxIU shipper out there.

Summary :

“A vintage love story. Happened on mid 40’s until  late 50’s. the story of a girl and a boy to reached their love in the middle of war and insecure situation. Bring you the whole new twist to enjoy.”

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Tittle :: Can’t

Cast :: Winner’s Mino, OC

Genre :: AU, Crack, Hurt, Romance || Rating :: PG-15

Length :: 800+ words (Ficlet)

Terkadang aku berpikir bahwa kehidupan sangatlah tak adil.

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